What are mini excavators in Melbourne good for?

Behemoth excavators weighing from 30,000 to 40,000 pounds are fairly common sights in construction sites. Yet, the versatility of mini excavators more than make up for their lack in size.

Mini excavators Melbourne, within the weight range from 3,000 to 18,000 pounds, shows their mettle in handling drilling, digging, and trenching in tight, compact, and hard-to-access spaces.

Small and medium construction projects involving tight and cramped spaces are easily worked by mini diggers. Their utility is further enhanced with a plethora of attachments, offering more than the traditional blade and bucket. Here is a list of mini excavators and their use for your consideration:


Performance and Power

The tasks that a mini digger can do contradicts the term “mini” applied to this piece of equipment. A 10-foot-deep hole can be dug up using a mini excavator weighing between 4,000-6,000 pounds. A deeper depth of 14 feet can be dug up easily by a larger mini excavator weighing between 10,000-12,000 pounds.

Moving or demolishing earth for pools or footings, deep utility trenching, and other construction jobs requiring more power can be quickly handled by an 18,000-pound mini digger.

The additional power given to these miniature machines is through their newer hydraulic systems. The best working performance is provided by the angled blades. Stability is provided on uneven surfaces with the adjustments provided to the machine’s left and right blades. With this capability, grading and backfilling is quickly accomplished.

The retractable undercarriages give the mini excavator the ability to work in cramped spaces. Additional stability is provided with the ability of the undercarriage to expand when needed.



The versatility of mini diggers is with their varied attachments. These attachments include:

  • Varied blades
  • Varied sizes and types of buckets to augers
  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Compactor plates
  • Rippers

The capability of the mini excavator is further enhanced with the different boom configurations. The long booms equipped in mini diggers provide them the ability to have a farther reach and achieve higher heights for dumping.

The articulated and extendable booms combine lifting capabilities and greater power in extending the depth of digging.



Other pieces of equipment traditionally used in construction work have been replaced by the capable mini excavators. They have become the machine of choice when it comes to manoeuvring in cramped and tight spaces.

Almost any kind of restricted space can be accessed by the smallest-sized excavators because of their 40-inch track widths. Additionally, less ground pressure is exerted with the mini excavators’ lighter weight.

Hitching a mini digger to a ¾-ton pickup and trailer makes towing the machine easy and hassle-free. This allows for easy transport of the machine from point A to point B.

The smaller work footprint of mini excavators is because of the compact swing of their swing booms. The possibility of hitting anything on the worksite is reduced with the minimal or zero tail swing provided by the machine. This also allows the mini digger the capability to work in any hard-to-access areas of the job site.

The toy-like appearance of mini diggers compared to their bigger siblings can fool people into thinking they are not capable of doing important construction work. The new technologies provided to mini excavators, versatile attachments, and efficient design makes them the perfect small but powerful machine to have and to use in any type of construction work.



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