Benefits of Opting for Rubber Tracks Melbourne

Owners of tractors or construction machinery in Melbourne often face the option of tyres vs. Rubber tracks, Melbourne. This issue is an ongoing one with no end on sight. Bottom line: the type of project specifics dictates the right choice.

There is no universal choice; what matters most is mobility vs. stability when it comes to choosing between tyres and rubber tracks. While using tyres may be advantageous in some situations, putting rubber tracks on your tractor also provide amazing benefits, including:

Better ground contact area

There’s a world of difference between tyre and rubber tracks when it comes to comparing the distribution of weight. “Point loading” is a term applied to the even distribution of weight by any four-wheeled machine.

The concept is that the distribution of weight from the machinery has to be evenly spread over the ground to maintain optimum stability. Rubber-tracked machines show better ground contact area than their wheeled counterpart. A larger area covered by the rubber tracks makes it more stable than wheels. Lighter sharing and load transfer reduction are the top benefits gained with the better ground contact provided by rubber tracks.

This is even more apparent when the ground conditions are slippier and softer. The tracked equipment offers the best traction when it comes to wet, muddy, and loose surface conditions.

The best option for heavy excavation and clearing projects

Tracked equipment might not be the best option to use in highly urbanised areas. However, they prove their weight in gold with pioneering ground projects such as excavations for building construction and clearing forests.

Demolition debris and crushed rock surfaces can easily wear out rubber tyres. Not so with rubber tracks that work best on loose and rough surfaces.

Stability and speed mobility

Rubber-tracked equipment may not win the race when it comes to speed. However, the slow speed is intentionally designed for rubber tracks. Travelling speed, for one, is never a requirement for construction sites.

What construction sites want is a machine that can move easily around tight spaces and places. The design of tracks allows them to circle without having to move backward or forward. The rubber tracks also allow types of machinery and other heavy pieces of equipment to shuffle from side to side.

Stability on unstable slopes and ground is provided by rubber tracks. The machinery with rubber tracks is provided a massive ground contact, thereby stabilising it when gravity forces it to go downwards or sidewards.

Less downtime

Repairs, breakdowns, and seasonal restrictions can cause unnecessary downtime. Tracked machines are not subject to these restrictions as they are designed and built to be tough. Shredded and severed conditions are not in the equation with rubber tracks no matter the sideways jolts they are subjected to.


Being able to virtually work in every type of working condition makes rubber tracks the most versatile of all. A rubber-tracked machine is equipped to travel all sorts of terrain from bare lots to swamps without stopping.

Rubber tracks are a piece of tractor/loader accessory that provides consistency, flexibility, smoother rides, and more. It is a necessary accessory for owners of tractors and heavy machinery to seriously consider. Meeting work project deadlines become doable when pieces of machinery are equipped with highly versatile rubber tracks from TKV.

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