The religion of Isis

Still shaken by the events of Paris , while terror appropriates Western life by canceling events, creating psychosis and limiting personal freedom, one wonders what those massacres mean in the name of Allah .

The next day we have witnessed heavy accusations against Muslims  , but it would be like offending any Christian for the Ku Klux Klan. And how can they be accused when they  are the first victims of the Caliphate ?

To avoid certain amenities that could trigger dangerous witch hunts, you need to clarify the religious juniper. Let’s start with a seemingly trivial question:  what is the religion of Isis?

The religion of Isis is a particular form of  Wahhabism , a schism in the theological debate within Islam. It is the same, so to speak, of Al Qaeda and Boko Haram . The roots of this school of thought sink in the eighteenth century, precisely in the teachings of the pastor Abd al-Wahhab who, influenced by the thirteenth century theologian Ibn Taymiyya ( jihadadvocate and model of fundamentalists), considered the period of permanence of the prophet Muhammad to Medina as an ideal for Muslim society.

According to him, it was necessary to refer to that lifestyle, following the Koran to the letter. All that had come after – adoration of saints, erections of tombstones, veneration of tombs, celebrations for the birthday of Muhammad – was to be considered bid’a , a pernicious innovation contrary to the teachings and therefore prohibited.

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