Long Term Storage Tips You Must Consider

There are many reasons why people need long term storage. It can be deployment, studying abroad, or a long term vacation. Whatever the reason may be, determining what to do with your belongings is challenging.

Instead of leaving all your precious belongings inside your home, consider renting a storage facility is more recommended – getting inner peace and saving money are just two of the many benefits of doing so.

Long Term Storage Tips You Must Consider

To help you further, below are tips you can follow to ensure that you will not regret considering long term storage options with Betta Self Storage for your personal belongings while you are away.

  • Know how much items/belongings you will store

Long term storage facilities offer different sizes of rooms to their customers. Hence, you must know the right size of the room that can fit all your pieces of stuff. Getting a smaller room if you have tons of stuff to keep is not a good idea, same as spending a lot to rent a huge space if you only have a few pieces of stuff to store.

Additional Tip: It is best if you visit the facility first to know the available sizes of storage rooms they offer.

  • Make sure that all your items are packed well

Ensure that fragile items are packed well and boxes are properly stacked. If you fail to do so, breakage, damage and stress are not possible. Packing each of the stuff can be time-consuming, but it will surely pay off.

Additional Tip: Learn proper packing tips online.

  • Get storage insurance

Not a requirement, but getting storage insurance is a good idea. Before you speak to someone about it, reading the policy set by the facility regarding the insurance, they include on your contract is necessary. Some facilities provide good insurance coverage; hence getting a separate one is not needed.

Additional Tip: You can always negotiate and ask if the facility can add insurance to your package or at least let them give you a discount for your additional insurance.

  • Have someone check on your belongings from time to time

Assign a trusted friend or relative to access your storage when needed. He/she can ship any items from the storage to your location if the need arises. Also, they can see to it that all items stored in the facility are intact and in good condition. Like, when you store a car, letting the trusted person check the overall condition of the car, batteries, engine etc., and letting it run for some time on the road to avoid any damages caused by too long sitting, can be highly advantageous.

Additional Tip: Make sure that the person you entrust the key or access to your storage is highly trusted. You let them access your belongings to make sure no issues will arise when you get back, and not the other way around.

  • Consider autopay for your monthly rental dues

Out of sight, out of mind, hence to avoid penalties caused by delayed rental, set an autopay and have the monthly dues deducted on your assigned bank account automatically. Taking this worry off your back can help you get peace of mind wherever you are.

The five tips provided above can help you a lot finding peace of mind as you store your important and valuable belongings to a storage facility.

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