A 4WD is necessary to explore the beautiful Australian terrain. In order to ensure that your 4WD works in mint condition, you have to ensure you only use ARB 4×4 products. ARB is the largest and the most reliable supplier of all 4WD products. They are continually producing state of the art and modern products to improve the 4WD driving experience. If you are interested to see what ARB 4×4 products are available have a browse to see their full range of products. 

ARB has been developing new methodologies for protection, lighting, canopy, and storage so as to keep improving the driver’s experience and making the ride as smooth as possible. They have six modern showrooms across Australia.

The following is a list of 4WD ARB products which are a must-have for all 4WD owners. These include

ARB Canopies

Canopies help provides flexible storage space. It can also help weatherproof the car and also provides security for any stuff which you are carrying. Whether you are an avid camper or use the vehicle for work purposes, it’s necessary to invest in a 4WD canopy.

The canopies are built for additional toughness and are quite sturdy. These are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and other kinds of wear and tear. The canopies are designed from thermoplastic. This makes the canopies a great deal more durable. What’s more, you also get a 3-year warranty for the canopy.

Roof racks

A roof rack is a necessity for any touring vehicle. It can help store extra gear without causing a great deal of congestion inside the vehicle. Any bulky items which are somewhat difficult to store inside can easily be accommodated on a roof rack. Also, there are waterproof protection bags available especially for storing items on the roof racks so that the gear doesn’t get wet during the rainy season and stays well protected.

Old man EMU suspensions

The first piece of advice which any avid traveler would get is to upgrade their emu suspensions. Some people find it strange when they are asked to replace the suspensions of the latest 4WD. This is because old man suspensions are designed to carry the additional load without affecting the performance of the vehicle. In order to ensure a smooth and stress-free ride, it’s necessary to invest in new emu suspensions.

Air compressors

Air compressors can come in pretty handy for handling a variety of situations. From inflating tires and camping accessories to running air tools.  The ARB air compressors are leak tested and are designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather conditions. The compressors come with a 2-year warranty.

ARB winches

Winches are necessary to avoid any difficult situations like the time when your vehicle is trapped in a torrential downpour or stuck into a particularly difficult spot. It is necessary to invest in recovery gear which is both reliable as well durable. Buying sub-standard products could only cause problems and not do a great deal to help your vehicle get out of a tight situation.


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