Boat Storage

Summer is almost over, and your vacation and adventure in the Gold Coast needs to cease momentarily to give way for office work that you left about a month ago. There are no signs of remorse or regret having visited one of the most amazing beaches in Australia; instead, you had a mixed feeling of wanting to do more adventures or leaving the place for a while to pursue a very promising career. Your greatest concern is how you are going to keep your newly-purchased boat while you are miles away. There’s a sentimental value that you wanted to maintain and protect in your absence. Losing or damaging it might refrain you from your weekend fishing expeditions, island hopping escapades and underwater exploration among others.

What you’re worried about now has a perfect solution. Why not use the facilities of boat storage in Gold Coast? These facilities are proven safe and secured through the years because adventurers like you have entrusted their precious sea vessels in the hands of dependable and reliable marina employees and caretakers. You have nothing to worry about because they have everything you need for boat storage. Depending on the size or dimension of your boat, there is something that fits your adventure buddy.

Boat storage defined

Boat storage is also called dry storage. It’s a kind of service that allows you to keep your boat for a longer period of time in a facility that’s safe, secured and of course, waterproof.

Advantages and benefits of boat storage

  • Items like your precious boat will have generally longer shelf life if kept in a dry dock or storage.
  • Storing a boat or other sea vessels on land will minimise rust or corrosion
  • Offers access to the boat for repairs of shafts, props, or outboards
  • Reduces wear and tear on hulls, which results in significantly lower maintenance and repair costs.
  • Drives and outboard engines are less exposed to saltwater damage, as the boat is stored or kept ashore.

Types of boat storage in Gold Coast

  • Indoor boat storage – this is the most protective vehicle storage option available for boats
  • Covered boat storage – this type of storage comes with a roof to protect your boat from the sun and other harmful elements of nature. Covered vehicle storage falls between indoor and outdoor storage options.
  • Outdoor boat storage – boats can be covered with protective gear and can be moved indoors or on a covered structure depending on the weather in your area.

General meaning of dry storage for boats

Dry storage will keep the finish and exposed upholstery of your boat to look like new for many years. Storing your boat in a dry boat storage marina requires that the ship be lifted out of the water. Most dry boat storage marinas offer a crane and track system that allows your boat to be moved into its storage slip.

How much does dry boat storage in Gold Coast costs?

For outside storage, boats are usually shrink-wrapped at a cost of roughly $10-$15 per foot, so a 21-foot boat might cost $200-$300 to cover and make ready for the winter.

How much does it cost to store a boat for the winter?

There is probably an additional cost if you choose the option for storing your boat for the winter. The price depends on where you live and the type of vessel you own. Indoor boat storage could cost you as little as $20 a month or well over $400-$500.

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