All you need to know about Hard Rubbish Removal Melbourne

Items that are too large to be disposed of using standard household waste disposal are considered as hard rubbish. In Melbourne, the metropolitan council provides free hard rubbish removal Melbourne services to households once every year.

The collection of hard rubbish is scheduled for a specific time every year. Booking hard rubbish disposal is also allowed to make it more convenient for the various households in Melbourne.

The importance of Hard Rubbish Removal

Large household waste products such as whitegoods and mattresses have to be properly disposed of. While this can be done for free once a year, some households with more than their share of hard rubbish that needs to be disposed of ASAP hire the services of hard rubbish removal companies.

Hard rubbish has to be properly disposed of for the following reasons, to include:

  • Provides the best way for households to get rid of broken appliances, furniture, and possessions that no longer work
  • Recycling these hard rubbish items from households result in less filling up of landfills
  • Creates an environment-friendly environment when dumping and littering are reduced
  • proper disposal of these large household waste products


Recycling Hard Rubbish

The metropolitan council of Melbourne allows hard rubbish at the kerb to be picked up by people who see a need for it. For instance, a couch that is considered trash by a household may be the treasure for another.

However, permission from the owner must be granted before picking up an item from their hard rubbish pile.

Other good ways of recycling large household items that are no longer needed but still in good condition are either by donating them to local charities or giving them to friends and family or selling them online.


Household Items that are considered as Hard Rubbish

  • whitegoods such as washing machines, refrigerators or freezers
  • a plethora of household junk
  • old clothes
  • videotapes, DVD or video players
  • bed mattresses
  • furniture
  • e-waste to include various types of electronic equipment, computers, and TVs
  • garden rubbish such as bundled twigs and branches
  • Items that are too large for standard recycling bins provided by the local council
  • Various household appliances
  • Old books

The Five Classifications of Household Hard Rubbish

Urban solid waste is another name given to household hard rubbish. The five classifications of household hard rubbish include:

  • Recycling waste includes items such as plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, and aluminium.
  • Assorted waste includes residential items such as books, clothing, and shoes.
  • Construction waste includes garden rubbish such as timber, rocks, and other types of debris.
  • Hazardous waste includes toxic waste products such as chemicals, paints, fertilisers, and transmission fluids.
  • Biodegradable waste includes items such as food products, organic waste, and food scraps.

Hiring a professional rubbish disposal company to dispose of all the above household waste products is highly recommended. This is because of the danger and difficult way of disposing of them properly.

The takeaway

Doing your homework ensures the success of hiring the services of a qualified and specialised hard rubbish removal in Melbourne. You have two options when you choose to hire a professional rubbish disposal company to get rid of your waste products. One service can provide bins for your rubbish while another can remove all your waste products for a nominal fee.


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